Feed Me Alphabet

Feed Me Alphabet is an educational app featuring 5 delightful robots and a sense of fun! Young learners interact with colorful robots to learn new words, along with their definitions and pronunciation. Designed for pre-school learners ages 3 to 5, Feed Me Alphabet features more than 150 words and related images. The vocabulary is organized around 5 themes: house, food, animals, machines, and nature. Each theme has a richly illustrated collection of more than 30 images – and its own friendly robot to help!

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- 5 types of interactive robots with more than 150 words and images - Effective simultaneous learning of the spelling, pronunciation, and definitions of vocabulary words, as well as capitalization - Vocabulary book with flashcard and replay functions - 15 customizable images/photos and new words for each theme - Guidance function includes parental/teacher management and e-mail notification of young learners’ vocabulary progress - Easy-to-follow tutorial teaches kids how to play - Supports 7 languages: English, Korean, Spanish, French, German, Chinese, and Japanese - Supports iPad2, iPhone4 and iPod Touch 4 for iOS 6.1.3 and above (Universal)

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